Advice for parents: Exam revision for teens

The Easter break is almost upon us and tens of thousands of teenagers facing their GCSEs and A-level exams in the coming months will be using this time to get their heads down and revise.

The run-up to exams can be a very anxious time – but family members, whether they know the subjects or not, can be a great help. Ruth Sparkes, editor at teen magazine, Future Mag has some advice for parents:

First thing to do is ask your teen how you can help. Start the conversation by asking; ‘Have you planned your revision, do you need any help with your plan? How can I support you?’

It’s important to remember teenagers and young adults need routine – at home as well as in school and college, especially where a lot of independent study is required.

Young people need right environment to work in at home, such as a quiet space and a tidy desk. There’s a lot of pressure on them, so comforting advice and support is much appreciated, as well as boosting confidence.

Parents and carers should always have high expectations of their children, but they should also be aware of their anxieties and their need for regular breaks.

Parents should also understand their kids are thinking about their next steps – GCSE to A-level or apprenticeship / A-level to university – these are important months and big changes in their lives are about to happen; sometimes it can feel as though the earth is shifting right under their feet.

It’s also important for parents to recognise where their children’s motivation lies… it can sometimes come from being the first person in the family to go to university.

Remember most children really want to make their family proud.


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