Adventures with the kids – in the forest!

With so much to see and do in the forest, you don’t want to miss a thing. That’s why we’ve put together our adventure bucket list for kids, with top tips on things to discover. You’ll find all of these activities on a Forest Holiday.

Go on a mini-beast hunt

Be a real Nature Detective! Next time you go to the woods, try and find some minibeasts. Where do they like to hide? How many can you uncover?

A minibeast hunt is probably one of the easiest outdoor activities to organise for children as long as you have an outdoor space, preferably with some different habitats to explore. It is a great way for children to explore and discover the world as well as developing a range of skills when finding, collecting, identifying, recording, drawing and discussing minibeasts.

Forest Holidays offer an array of Ranger activities to help you go on a mini beast hunt…


Build a den

Every great explorer needs basic skills to survive as they trek through dense forests in search of lost civilisations. Whether you choose sticks and leaves or twigs and branches, you’ll soon have your very own den to hide out in. Choose a dry flat spot for solid foundations!

At Forest Holidays, you can join the Forest Ranger on a training session in the woods, as you learn how to build a shelter, light a fire, and make nettle tea.


Ban mum and dad from screens for a day

Parents spend far too much time on their phones and laptops, always tapping away and missing out on adventures. Make them leave the screens behind, and get out into the fresh air. Find a beautiful open meadow and get a kite up in the air, or lie down amidst the flowers and make shapes from the clouds.

A great family day out doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes just going for a walk can be fun and a chance to make great memories together and share some quality time.


Splash and squelch in puddles

Rain is great for creating muddy puddles. Grab your wellies and go find the squelchiest mud you can. Who doesn’t love to splash and play? Well, parents do too, although they’ll pretend it’s really just for you!


Go on a Teddy Bears’ Picnic in the woods

If you go down in the woods today… you can have lots of fun at the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. After a walk through the woods, sit down and enjoy a picnic with sandwiches and other treats… don’t forget your bear!


What can you hear? There’s all sorts going on in the forest so make sure you listen out for it. Listen out for:

  • Leaves under your feet
  • Wind in the trees
  • Sound of a bee
  • Birds singing
  • Cricket
  • Water running in a creek
  • Noises in the woods

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