More About Emma

With my 2 children now at school, I have sighed a breath of relief. Not relief that I don’t have to spend every minute of the day looking after them with no time to myself (well a bit), but more relief that I have physically and mentally raised two little individuals to school age who can walk and talk and sometimes have good manners too.


I have managed to mould them into proper humans who can communicate on the most part through normal conversation and sometimes the occasional tantrum.


They don’t scratch and punch strangers, they keep that for each other and they can almost make an entire trip around a supermarket now without nagging or wanting to sit in the actual trolley and eat the week’s crisps there and then.


They mainly eat what they are given as long as it is from the sweet shop. They understand to call for mummy when they feel scared, are hungry, are thirsty or just because… even at 2, 3 and 4 am.


I have created 2 little people who are growing in independence and creativity; They can even cut their own hair into a new style never seen before in this century.


They even try and  help me with my obsessive punctuality by delaying me every single morning in getting out the door.


So while I hand over my little bundles of delight to their teachers where they are being moulded even more, I am now able to concentrate on myself between the hours of 9 and 3pm.


I like to see results, so whether it’s in educating my children and making them into the people I want them to become, or if it is getting results at work, that is what keeps me motivated.


My worst job would be to be sat alone all day with no human contact. I need people to spark off and motivate.