Does my mojo FINAL TO PRINT



Mojomums was originally set up in 2011 to help get mums back into the jobs they hoped existed.


Sally Overhead, Chief Executive of an already successful company and mother of 5 children under the age of 8 (including triplets), formulated the idea of Mojomums whilst night feeding her triplets. She enlisted the help of Emma Mjekiqi, a media and advertising executive and mum of 2, to create a community of like-minded mums.


What stood out was that returning to work played a huge part in these mums getting their ‘mojo’ back and rediscovering that inner sparkle that had been buried amongst the nappies and mashed banana.


It soon became clear through a survey they commissioned that there were many other influential factors affecting mums’ mojos; lack of confidence, unhappiness with their appearance and feeling like ‘just a mum’ were some of them. With this in mind, was born.


Mojomums has grown into a thriving business and community with all profits being put to use training mums, running confidence seminars and placing mums into work placements. Mojomums is also working with mums who are self employed and will be launching its much anticipated Emporium next year.

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