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Where to start, well I am a 38 year old mum to 5 beautiful children. I have been married to my husband Tom for 10 years. I love spending time with my family, my mum and sister and I am also the owner and founder of Mojomums.


My Career


I left school after my GCSE’s with mediocre results and enrolled at college.¬† I couldn’t get out of main stream education quick enough and I just knew that 6th form was NOT for me! college seemed more grown up and so I selected three A Level subjects and started in the September – by December I had realised that two of the subjects were not for me and so I dropped out and went straight to the careers office and embarked on an apprenticeship that would allow me to get a qualification as a desk top publisher – I was very arty!


I was there for a few years, and then at 17 I was offered the opportunity of a two week placement at PepsiCo. I decided to leave my safe job for the two week placement as I had been told that getting a job with a company like Pepsi was not easy!


It paid off and I was there for 3 years. I worked my way up to a Training position looking after Europe. I still did all the training material design but also managed the opening schedules for all new restaurants (Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell) across Europe. In order to allow me to slip between the role of designer, artworker and training adviser they set me up with two desks and it become a running joke that I would flit between the two depending on what I was doing. I knew that by doing the designs myself I was not only saving the company thousands of pounds a year, I was able to make changes quickly, implement new material for new stores there and then and stay ahead of deadlines. I changed print suppliers, made some other important process changes and saved the company hundred of thousands of pounds in a short amount of time.


I won a few internal award whilst there and if it wasn’t for a very lengthy commute due to office relocation I imagine I would have worked my way up very quickly.


I had learnt a few things about what I wanted by this point, the first being that I was extremely ambitious, I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice my social life by sitting on the M25 for hours a day and that I was open to taking risks with my career to get me where I wanted to go. A move from a permanent role had paid off.


I left PepsiCo and got a role in a call center where I would beg my manager to give me admin work to do, anything other than having to say the same thing again! I found it mind numbingly boring and could feel my self going crazy! It was only a gap stop whilst I looked for a local role and luckily I landed a role as Training Manager for Europe again with Gtech.


I wasn’t there long before I decided I was going to go travelling, I missed out on the whole University thing and felt I needed to get it out of my system. I was in a situation where I was earning decent money, was only 21 but had already bought my first house (with a friend) and could save.


Cutting a long and boring story short, I came back and got a temp role as an office junior at a storage head office. We needed money! fast! I worked my way up and when I finally left years later I was Head of Marketing, Operations and Revenue Management with a large team under me and was part of the Executive team running the UK operation.






I had always had a desire to work for myself, own my own business and always had loads of ideas. I was 7 months pregnant with my first daughter when I used savings I had and started, coupled with an investment from an old colleague, my first business.


The idea behind Mojomums sat in my head brewing for a few years, why were these very smart clever mums not able to get work. I saw friends lose their confidence and on the flip side I was employing mums to work in my business and it was working! job shares revolutionised our customer services team and mums are smart, hard working and grateful to be offered flexible roles!


So whilst awake at night feeding my newborn triplets I started to plan Mojomums – it kept me awake and it gave me quiet time to think!


Mojomums was born in 2011. As corny as it sounds I want to help mums, empower mums and change things from the mum up! My main business allows me the privilege of being able to do something I am truly passionate about.



My Life


So now I am a busy mum with 5 children who are 10, 7 and 4 (x3). I run three companies that each have multiple brands and I am also a Governor at my daughters school. Sounds crazy, but its not! I manage my time well, I have great staff who help run my companies and I make time to do the school runs. I don’t try to run before I can walk, am realistic about what I can achieve and love my life! I am also very disorganised at home, often forget things, a hopeless cook and have the messiest car you have ever seen!


I am not one for setting aside ‘me’ time – for me I get time to be Sally when I am at work and that’s enough – however the last four years I have gone with friends to Marbella for 4 days and this annual trip keeps me going when I feel like I have not sat down for days! I also try to go out more with my friend than I used to. A good night out with good company can be just the rest I need!


I hate wearing make up so rarely do, if you come to my house unexpectedly I will be in my pjs (or sloppy clolthes) and I love nothing more than a rainy weekend keeping us all inside together.


I spend my week working, doing school runs and running the kids from one activity to the other.


I try to have as many family holidays as possible, mainly short breaks to Center Parcs and think I would rather have 3 or 4 short breaks in the UK than one hot holiday (though I might say different by the end of the winter). Holidays really do take away the strains of every day life and I get no mobile signal at Center Parcs so work takes a back seat. We still don’t sit down, but when we do its on someone else’s sofa and that in itself feels like a break!


I love having all the kids friends over in the holidays, its a mad house but its easier at mine with the triplets and great fun! We a make a big fuss of birthdays, throw great parties, eat out when we can face it! and like every other mum I know I try to give my children the best life I can!


What is perfect to one mum might be totally different for another – but we are all just mums doing the best we can x





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