A Sweet Adventure: To Share!

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A Sweet Adventure: To Share!  By Tara Cresswell

a sweet adventure

Reviewed by Mojomums Kelly & her (nearly) 3 year old twins

What they say:  The magical little sharing book! Sumptuous imagery, delicious rhyme, uniquely designed to enrich shared reading. A special treat!

What we say:  I was intriged to receive this book, having been told by the author that it was written with twins especially in mind!  When you open the book you find the same picture & story written on both pages, so when your 2 (or more) children are sitting either side of you, they can both see & read the story at the same time; no more leaning over to try to see small details, no more arguing over who can see what!

The story itself is more of a rhyming, sing-a-long song than an actual story.  A bit of a tongue-twister at times, taking you through a magical sweetie filled land!  And the imagery is bright, colourful & a little scary to be honest!  My boys call it ‘the monster book’, but it is one they love to look through!  I think the bright colours entice them more than the story itself, but that’s probably down to their age…

A Sweet Adventure is available to buy through Amazon & Waterstones at £7.99



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