A Royal Baby

So it seems there will be a royal baby born this month, and the whole country is talking about if it will be a boy or girl and what will they call him/her? As all us mums know having a baby is the most exciting time in our life and the scariest and the biggest change that can happen in your world. Now I am sure the royal couple won’t have some of the worries we have like how do we pay the mortgage whilst on maternity leave and what will I do about child care when I go back to work, but their worries will be different worries, how can I protect my baby, how can I stop every newspaper in the world wanting to get that picture of Kate breast feeding or William changing a nappy! (He’s a modern man surely he will change a nappy?)


No matter who you are a baby really does change everything! People seem to talk about certain things really openly such as the person they know who had a horrendous labour that went on for days and was so painful, always a great story for a pregnant lady! But what they don’t tell you about are the emotional changes that happen overnight. Yes there is the amazing wonderful unconditional love you feel for your baby and there is no feeling in the world like it or no words to express it, until you experience it and go Oh my god, I understand now, all those clichés you hear, they really are true! But there is a downside there are other emotions that appear overnight too which nobody warns you about


Things like guilt. The guilt you feel when you do go back to work, you feel guilty when you are at work and you aren’t thinking about our little one every 5 minutes, but then when you leave work and go home you feel guilty that you aren’t thinking about work! I can feel guilty about everything even things that I have no control over.


Sadness, before I had a baby I was a pretty tough cookie, but after I had her, any soap with a sad story line or any Facebook post with a child story, or a fight for cancer can reduce me to tears! I am such a different person since I had my daughter!


Death is another thing that plays on my mind, what would happen if anything happened to me, would my husband cope, what if he were with me in a terrible accident, who would look after our daughter? I really never gave it a thought before having a child!


Protection I would literally charge past small children knocking them flying to get to my daughter if she were falling off a climbing frame. I would stop at NOTHING to keep my little girl safe. The change you don’t even know has happened of putting someone else before yourself for everything, is a really strange thing!


No wonder baby blues and depression are so rife after having a child because your emotions change so much without you even knowing they have, it just happens! I was very fortunate after having my baby not to have the blues too badly, a few days of feeling low and a few tears but I think that may have been lack of sleep!


So despite the Royals having lots of money and luxury in their life, I am sure they will still have worries and insecurities for their little one just like the rest of us! Refreshing to think when it comes down to it no matter where we come from or what we have, when it comes to having children we all go through similar emotions and experiences to get our end result our own beautiful baby that can compare to nobody else’s!

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