A Night at the Tooth Fairies’ Factory, J M Rowell

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Zac, a young boy of seven, has his first tooth fall out. He is not sure whether he wants the tooth fairies to have it, so hides it in his hand at night. Follow Zac’s adventure as he steps into the magical world of the tooth fairies, tooth in hand.

Publisher: Olympia Publishers, August 2014

Reviewer: Shabana Ansari

This story will appeal to all children who have had their first tooth fall out and aren’t happy about letting the “tooth fairy” have it. My six-year-old, who held on to his fallen tooth for a couple of days before reluctantly leaving it under the pillow for the “tooth fairy to take away”, enjoyed reading the book.

Zac’s adventures begin when he decides to hide his tooth instead of leaving it for the tooth fairy. As he sleeps, he is transported into Tooth Fairyland after the fairies fail to prise the tooth out of his hand. That’s where he discovers what the tooth fairies really do with the teeth they collect from children.

With its simple text and colourful illustrations, “A Night at the Tooth Fairies’ Factory” is a delightful read and will fuel the imaginations of children who have already begun questioning the existence of everything from Santa Clause to the Easter Bunny.


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