A new playhouse!

I’m so excited! The boys new playhouse is going to be delivered today, & I can’t wait! Once upon a time I wouldn’t have cared about something like this, but my life as a mummy means that things that make my boys happy make me happy too & I know they are going to love this!

Shedstore have arranged a morning delivery for me so I’ve been up & (nearly) ready since 7am, as deliveries start early – but what’s the bet that I will be the last morning drop off?! Always the way, hey?!

I’ve been reading some of the Mojomums competition entries for our giveaway of the same playhouse – I have no idea what colour I am going to paint our playhouse yet, so I have been getting some great ideas…

Ours is going towards the back of our garden, which is set on many slopes. Hubby has laid a cement base in preparation & once he has built the playhouse, the decoration & ‘prettiness’ is all down to me…I know I have 2 boys but I still want the house to look lovely, with curtains at the windows, flowers in pots outside & some pretty solar fairy lights hung up that I have seen in a magazine – are you getting the idea that I am doing this for me, not the boys?!?!?

I would have loved a playhouse when I was little, we used the shed instead! It even had a carpet in it! Not quite the same when you had to remove the lawn mower & garden tools before you could even get in it! & I remember there were always earwigs & spiders in residence – enough to put me off even now!

Another favourite childhood garden memory was the paddling pool – I’m sure most of us have fond memories of icy cold pools on hot summer days! We had a large paddling pool which took literally all day to fill, so was absolutely freezing! We would come out blue & shivering after hours of fun splashing & trying to swim! I must buy a new one for our garden this year, the boys have grown out of the small one we’ve used before – something to remember before the hot summer days when you can’t find one for love nor money!

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