A new dress!

Whilst I have been pregnant, I haven’t enjoyed clothes, and I am a shopaholic who loves all things shopping, clothes, shoe and bag related! All those lovely sales and emails about new ranges I have been ignoring, whilst pulling on a pair of elasticated waist trousers and trying to find a top long enough to cover all of the elastic! So whilst looking for a birthday present I went online and stumbled across a dress, now I love this dress but it is listed as a bridesmaid dress, and I am wondering – is it really that dressy? Could I buy it anyway – just because I haven’t brought a dress for AGES and I just love it! Where will I wear it we ask ourselves – I have no idea is the answer, however in the past this has never stopped me making a purchase! What size will I be once I have had this baby? Well considering I am a little bit in love with Mars Bars at the moment and I was not a size 0 to start with again who knows!!!!


OK practical mums out there who are shouting at your tablets/computers/phones and saying you are an idiot, of course you can’t buy this dress, it is too dressy, you don’t know what size you will be and it is quite expensive for a “I just like it” purchase. And I know you ar right, so I now share with you this pretty dress for all those mums who do have a function to go to, do know what size they are and can afford to splash out on a dress for “that” occasion.


It is from Debenhams, It is designed by Jenny Packham it is navy, and I love it! It is £140 and here it is.

Debenhams Jenny Packham Dress



Let me know if you have found a dress that you have fallen in love with and want, despite not having the occasion to wear it! Hum now what shoes and bag would I get to go with this……maybe just a bit more browsing!

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