A Mum Makeover Can Boost Your Mental Health

As mothers, we live for our families, always putting their needs before our own. We selflessly take care of our children – from birth to adulthood and ensure that our homes are well-organized and filled with love. Over and above all of this we are, more often than not, also employed full-time, affording us very little time to just stop, take a breath and see to our own well-being. Judging by the countless stressors they are exposed to, it is not surprising that as many as one in five mothers suffer from poor mental health according to the National Health Service.  While there are countless treatment options available for treating depression and other mental health disorders, there is a newer, somewhat controversial remedy that is skyrocketing in popularity: the mum makeover.

What exactly is a mum makeover?

Pregnancy can affect our breasts, tummies, arms, legs and even our faces, often at the expense of our self-confidence. There are many ways women go about regaining their pre-pregnancy bodies: diet, exercise, cosmetic treatments and procedures offered by plastic surgeons that are collectively known as a mum makeover. A mum makeover generally involves a number of procedures such as a tummy tuck, breast enhancement and liposuction combined into a single-session surgery that will not only enhance the mum’s physical appearance but give her mental health a wonderful boost as well.

Improved self-confidence

A woman’s body undergoes substantial changes during a pregnancy that can leave some individuals feeling extremely self-conscious after giving birth. You may find that your once flat, toned tummy has made way for a mum-pouch while your thighs and buttocks have accumulated countless stretch marks from your unavoidable weight gain.  Chances are that you try to avoid looking at your own reflection in mirrors and even shop windows and that you feel like you will never return to your old self again. The good news is that everything you are feeling is completely natural and that a mum makeover can go a long way in helping you to regain your confidence. Whether you opt for surgical procedures such as a tummy-tuck and breast augmentation or prefer a more holistic approach involving a new haircut and a wardrobe transformation, you will definitely regain some of your old zest for life once you are happier with what you see in the mirror.

Re-establish your self-worth

A diminished self-worth often leads to more severe mental health conditions such as depression which is why it is vital to have it restored as soon as possible. As mums it is in our nature to take care of others, often neglecting our own needs and desires completely.  When every consecutive day is filled with countless tasks that cannot be ignored nor postponed, it becomes easy to end up feeling overwhelmed and bemused. It is important to always remember that you are worthy of adoration, respect and even a reprieve from the multitude of tasks you have become accustomed to performing every day. By having a mum makeover you take a stand and put your own needs first for once, showing everyone around you that while you are a mother you are also a woman who deserves to look and feel good about herself.

As a mum it is important to make time for yourself, seeing to your own desires and ensuring that your physical and emotional needs are met. While a mum makeover isn’t the only way for you to regain your confidence, it is definitely an option worth exploring if it is a financially-viable option. Don’t be overly judgemental or decide in haste. Conduct some research, speak to a reputable plastic surgeon and only then decide whether a makeover is the right choice for you.

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