A moment in time…

How did your summer go?  Schools back, the sunshine seems to have disappeared, there’s an autumnal chill in the air – all we have left of the summer is our memories…well, that and the 1001 photos that we have taken!!!

Are you like me and always have your smart-phone or digital camera in hand, ready to capture excited loved ones cheeky little faces, a moment in time while they enjoy whatever thrill, ice cream or even everyday activity that you think will make a great shot?!?!

I have to admit that this has always been a habit, made worse by the arrival of children – my husband is pleased that he is no longer the focus of my ‘let me take a picture’ shrieks. No, that unfortunate job has been given to my sons, who already, at just the tender age of four, have become bored of this role!

Son one will happily grin and pose for the camera, for no more than 30 seconds though, so I may be lucky to snap one decent photo during this time.

Son two, however, has lost his ability to look at the camera with his eyes open, ‘I can’t remember how to smile..!’ he wails!  And he is right…he can’t!!!

I call it the ‘Chandler from Friends’ smile; too young to have watched Friends, it is instead a smile that he has learnt from his father…a grimace, squinty eyes, head slightly cocked…not a good look on an adult let alone a four year old!

So my moments in time rarely capture the real excitement of the experience – thank goodness for digital images that can be amended, viewed immediately and deleted!

I won’t embarrass my children by posting these images, instead I will leave you with the one ‘good’ photo of the three of us that I have from a whole summer of photo taking…

kelly - legoland

…hold on, are my eyes open?!?! 😉

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