A day out at Crealy Adventure Park & Resort

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If you are ever in the South West then I highly recommend a day at Crealy Adventure Park and Resort!

While holidaying in south Devon this summer, we were offered tickets to Crealy and jumped at the chance to try out some of their 60+ rides and attractions…

These include everything from Animal Land, including Shetland Ponies, Welsh Ponies, Llamas, Lambs, Alpacas, Wallabies and Emus….

…to the Tidal Wave Log Flume…!

The first log flume that my son has been brave enough to go on! And yes, I screamed the whole way down!

On the Dino Jeeps watch out for the surprise towards the end of the ride!

In between the larger and smaller rides were great play areas for the kids including Fort Crealy and Pirates’ Revenge…

But my 7 year old twins absolute favourite rides were Dolphin Drop…

…and Shark Bay – of which they must have ridden each at least five times, over and over again!!!

My favourite has to be Crealy Grand Prix. Now, I will admit to being slightly put off when we first approached and found that you have to pay to go on this; it was only the second attraction that we had gone on and my first thoughts were panicked, had we really come to a park where you had to pay for rides? A quick check of the resort map and my mind was put to rest, there were only a couple of pay-for rides, phew! We were at the front of the queue, so lets go for it…and I’m so glad we did, I discovered my inner-racing-driver and made sure that I won our race!!!

Part of what really made this park special for us was that the queue times were minimal, even when visiting in August during the school holidays. This meant we were really able to enjoy the day and jump onto rides as we saw them, rather than feeling we had to plan our time to ensure we got on everything. Yes, we missed a couple of the larger rides, but even they only had queue times of around 45 minutes – nothing compared to the wait times we have had at theme parks nearer to home.

We even had time to watch City Cirque Urban Stunt Show, enjoy a picnic and search for Pip Ahoy!

We came away from the park with plans to visit again when we are next in the area – don’t miss this one, it really is a great family day out!


For more information visit www.crealy.co.uk


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