A Commonplace Killing, Sian Busby

On a damp July morning in 1946, two schoolboys find a woman’s body in a bomb site in north London. The woman is identified as Lillian Frobisher, a wife and mother who lived in a war-damaged terrace a few streets away. The police assume that Lil must have been the victim of a vicious sexual assault; but the autopsy finds no evidence of rape, and Divisional Detective Inspector Jim Cooper turns his attention to her private life. How did Lil come to be in the bomb site – a well-known lovers’ haunt? If she had consensual sex, why was she strangled? Why was her husband seemingly unaware that she had failed to come home on the night she was killed? In this gripping murder story, Siân Busby gradually peels away the veneer of stoicism and respectability to reveal the dark truths at the heart of postwar austerity Britain.

Debbie says:

Set in post WW2 London it’s about the murder of a housewife. Descriptively it’s really well written, but it’s described as a “Whodunnit” and I don’t think it really took much detective work to work out who did do it as there are only a few characters in the book?!? Not really gripping or fast-moving enough for me – just a nice pleasant read

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