A career as a croupier

Croupiers are the members of staff in casinos that run the gaming tables. They are responsible for handling customer’s bets and dealing cards, spinning the roulette wheel or managing dice, along with other casino game duties that require someone to represent ‘the house’. The life of a croupier can get very interesting, with plenty of excitement and the chance to meet people from all walks of life. They are skilled members of staff and a crucial part of the team. Not only are they there to make sure the games run smoothly, but they must also help and handle customers and most importantly, make money for the casino.

Croupiers will be casino experts, knowing each game inside out and able to settle any discussions around the rules, odds or any other questions and concerns. They will often be skilled in several different games and able to step into any mainstream casino floor game at any time. Alongside playing the games, they must also provide excellent customer service, have fantastic communication skills and be able to be an authority figure if the going gets tough.

Although most casino gamers play by the rules and have a great time, some are out there to beat the dealer and make some money, no matter what it takes. The best croupiers will be able to spot cheating and handling any volatile situations, including drunkenness or aggression against other players. Croupiers do work in a secure environment however, as all casinos are required to have door and security staff who will handle any unruly customers.

It is also the croupier’s job to keep an eye on another set of customers, specifically those who are showing signs of gambling addiction. If it seems that a regular is spending a lot of time at the table without winning, then good croupier’s will be able to see this and provide either support or hand the customer over to guest relations who can help the person if they are experiencing gambling addiction.

Working as a croupier is fairly straightforward if you know the rules of the games you wish to manage and you can provide some evidence in an interview. Experienced croupiers can command better salaries, but the real money can be made from generous clients who tip big if they win big. There are no restrictions on who can be a croupier, but croupiers are expected to work unsociable hours, often late at night. They must also be able to concentrate for long periods of time and have very strong people and customer service skills.

Although the majority of croupiers gain employment in physical casinos, on cruise ships or in hotels, there is a new opportunity opening up online. Live casino features real croupiers, with games broadcast to desktop computers as well as mobile devices over the internet, through these platforms live casino provides hours of excitement implementing a number of state of the art features. Online casino companies will use professional croupiers to run games, often paying better wages thanks to lower overheads and the desire to employ the best in the business. Players can deploy real casino strategy as the games such as live blackjack are played with card shoes allowing players to attempt card counting as they get the glamorous experience found in top of the line casinos such as the well-known 888casino and their fantastic live casino that you can try yourselves thanks to the real croupiers employed through the live streams.

Working as a croupier is a great career in itself, but it can also be a good stepping stone. Croupiers will receive customer service and sales training and will learn invaluable communication skills just by going to work. Skilled croupiers with knowledge of multiple games are in demand, especially in the live casino world, so why not turn your hobby into a career?

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