A 3 year olds birthday

My daughter is 3 on Thursday, I can’t quite believe that the time has flown and my baby is growing up! We are going on holiday the day after her birthday so we aren’t having a “proper” party for her this year. Instead we met some friends down the park for a picnic and a game of rounder’s (more for the competitive mums and dads than the kids!) on Sunday and on her actual birthday we are meeting at a soft play venue with some friends. We are then going home to play with her mountain of new toys and family are coming over. But does this make me a bad mother?


Some of her friends are having huge parties with bouncy castles, face painting and booking actual parties at soft play etc. My thought was she doesn’t need that yet but as the princess and pirate invites come through the door I am beginning to think I may not be keeping up with the Joneses!


I cannot tell you how many gifts she has, to say she has been spoilt would be an understatement but this party thing is still playing on my mind. Last year we had a huge BBQ with lots of friends round so I am worried that this year I am just not being supermum – and that just won’t do!


So what is acceptable for a 3 year olds party? And how much is this party business going to cost me over the coming years?


I’d love to hear your views on kids parties, when is the age to start throwing a proper kids party and I am guessing a cake at home or the local hall just doesn’t cut it in the world of kids parties today, judging by the invites we are already receiving! What are your tips to throwing a great party and where should we be holding these parties?

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