9 weeks old

So 9 weeks in and how are things in the Mills household? Well……

9 weeks old - photo 1

Sleepless nights; they are getting better, we are down to a 2/3am feed and a 6am ish feed. So it really could be worse, as she is a grazer during the day so we could be up half the night trying to get 30 mills in between cat naps as I do during the day! So after the early morning, well middle of the night, bum change and bottle I get the husband on most days to do the early morning feed, in the hope I get an extra hour or two sleep before the nursery run.

Mornings, we get up about 7am and get Bethany downstairs and eating breakfast whilst a bottle is made and John and I get ourselves through the bathroom and dressed. We then head downstairs to try and get some of the breakfast that is sitting untouched in front of Bethany into her!  All whilst trying to give Jessica a bottle! After that battle, we get Bethany dressed and chase her round the house with a hair brush in the hope I can get a clip, band or anything into her hair. John has usually left by this time so it is bum change and clothes on Jess, water bottle and bag for school sorted, shoes on and out the door. I have to get both girls in the car to get Bethany into school, then Jess back in the car after dropping Bethany off.  Home, wash bottles, get another bottle ready for Jess, quick wash up, load of washing in and then it starts again, load the car to get Bethany from school and come home…

Afternoons, I have been trying to make the most of my maternity leave (as it will be my last!) so I have been meeting a couple of friends and going to lunch with my parents. I have even been away for a couple of days to the coast with my mum and nan as they went to Bournemouth for a week and we joined them for 2 days – that was hard work and the car was full to bursting with the steriliser, bouncy chair, buggy etc – you need the same stuff if you go for a week or a night!  But Bethany had a lovely time on the beach!

9 weeks old - photo 2

Evenings, when John gets in Bethany forgets who I am for a while and is completely a daddy’s girl, which is lovely to see, but having spent all day trying to juggle the two and get the practical stuff done it is a bit annoying that daddy does play time and is definitely good cop! Then Bethany has dinner more playtime, bath time with daddy and then story time with mummy (so I do get my time with Bethany!) and sometimes Jessica comes to listen too, so daddy can start dinner. Then the routine of bottle for Jess, dinner for us and finally the pair of us will sit in front of the tv for about an hour before I give up and go to bed and John follows with Jess when he has done the late feed.

So that’s it, our daily routine works to cope with two. Is it hard, yes it is much harder with two, but it is rewarding too, although I do constantly feel guilty when I am saying Bethany don’t do that, be gentle, or in a minute I’m just feeding your sister!  Bethany is an amazing sister, cuddling and kissing her sister (OK so often it looks more like a wrestling move but she means well!). She helps me by getting things or helping feed Jess. She hasn’t been jealous yet – apart from when Grandad holds Jess; apparently Grandad is just her Grandad and not Jess’s!!!

9 weeks old - photo 3

On the whole we have got our routine sorted for now, it kinda works most days and we have two fabulous girls so a bit of sleep deprivation and a house that looks like a bomb has gone off in it most days is a small price to pay really!  I’ll let you know how we get on and how long this routine lasts!  But if you have found things that really helped when you had a second child, any tips or time saving hints I’d love to hear them!

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