7 Habits for Weight Loss Success, Sally Roberts

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Are you trapped in the weight loss/weight gain cycle? You follow a diet, buy the right foods, measure everything carefully, only eat carefully chosen snacks, and you lose weight. You may even achieve you target weight. It’s at this point that the real challenge begins. You stop dieting and the pounds return.

Often there appears to be no apparent reason for the weight gain, you are eating healthy meals, perhaps you miss the occasional meal, you have increased your fruit, veg and salad intake, you don’t have high sugar or high fat desserts, and you even take regular exercise. If you write down everything you have eaten during the last week there are no clues to explain the weight gain.

Well here’s the surprise – food has developed some very sneaky ways of finding its way into your diet without you even noticing, and if you do notice it convinces you that eating it doesn’t actually count. If you think that food could not possibly trick you in this way then consider these examples:
– You decide to have one biscuit, when you take it from the packet there is only one left. Clearly it makes perfect sense to eat the remaining biscuit and dispose of the empty packet – the cupboard looks much tidier and it avoids the risk of other people “fighting” over the last biscuit.
– You dish up a portion of mashed potato, there is a little left in the bowl. It would be a wasteful to bin it.
– You purchase a slice of pizza for lunch. Obviously it makes good economic sense to choose the biggest slice.

Most people have been conned into eating or drinking more than they need, or even want, by these simple food tricks.

7 Habits is not a book about dieting and does not contain any diets. It contains some simple changes you can make today that will reduce the risk of extra food sneaking into your diet and ensure you notice any foods that do manage to creep in; if you notice them you can say no to them.

This short book is suited to those who are currently aiming to lose weight and also those who have reached their target weight and want some simple techniques to prevent weight gain. Introduce these habits into your life today and enjoy the improvements to your health and well-being that sustainable weight loss success brings.

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