55% of mums don’t trust anyone else to look after their baby

More than half (55%) of mums don’t trust their mum, mother-in-law, best friend or even their partner to look after their baby, new research shows.


A study by Withings – specialists in Wi-Fi connected health and baby products – found a fifth of mums cancel  plans, 45% have left an event early and a quarter (23%) have even missed a big family event such as a wedding altogether to stay with their child.


The research shows just how much having a baby takes over women’s lives as more than half of new mums (52%) admit to having only a couple of hours a week to themselves to relax away from parenting duties.


The study also shows that mums trust the babysitter more than their partner. A fifth (21%) admit to using their baby monitor to secretly check up on their partner – and 10% have used it to spy on the babysitter.


According to the research, 80% of mums use a baby monitor to look after their baby but of those only 15% of them have video monitoring capabilities.


So when did you feel comfortable leaving your little one and who did you trust with the responsibility? Did you spy on them or call several times? Did you relax and enjoy your evening or did you wish you hadn’t bothered going out? Tell us your stories:


*Research conducted between 4 September and 11 September by One Poll with 1000 mums taking part

2 Responses to 55% of mums don’t trust anyone else to look after their baby

  1. Ruth says:

    My baby was born prem and it took me 6 months to agree to leave her with her aunty while we had a date night. We only went to watch a film but it felt like the longest film ever. When we went to collect her i could hear her screaming from down the street. I nearly broke the door down to get to her. I was really annoyed to hear that she had been upset for about an hour and no one thought to ring or text me. It really damaged my trust. It took me another 2 years to leave her again and now i will only leave her with her nan at night after i have put her to bed. Even if i leave her with her Dad, i leave her clothes out and get snacks ready or put her to bed before i go anywhere. I am pregnant at the minute and i keep telling myself i will be different this time but i know deep down i will be just the same. My daughter now goes to preschool and those 3 hours are still a mixture of peace and quiet and mental torment. I guess i am one of “those” mums.

  2. amanda says:

    I am really lucky to have a close family. My mum looks after my little one every day for me so I can work and I would be lost without her! I have to say though my first evening out leaving my little one was a complete waste of a night I should have stayed home! She was only 3 months and it was a Christmas do, we left her with my parents and I phoned and text for most of the evening didn’t drink so I could drive home and didn’t relax at all, even thought I knew she was in very safe hands! It got easier from then on, but that first time is the worst!

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