5 ways to upgrade the busiest areas of your home

Our homes see a great deal of footfall — whether that’s yearly or hourly! — so learning how you can make small but effective upgrades to preserve and maintain these areas is key to keeping your house in great condition. From switching out carpet for laminate flooring, to using budget-friendly DIY hacks, we’ve rounded up 5 ways you can transform the busiest areas of your home.

Protect your skirting boards and wall corners

It’s all too easy to scuff your skirting boards, particularly the protruding corners which stick out and typically attract the vacuum like a magnet! Markings on the walls can look unsightly and be infuriating when you spent so long on the paintwork, but there’s a solution! Applying skiffers, like these Stair Rods Direct ones, to the corners will cover up the parts that are most susceptible to scuffing, and as they’re often made from hard-wearing brass, they’ll give a high-quality finish to your home. If your skirting boards need a tidy up, be sure to sand them down with fine sand paper or an electric sander to give it a smooth finish and to remove any old paint or marks before a fresh lick of paint goes on. Use a tough, wipe-clean paint, like this one from Dulux, to protect your walls for longer and save on cleaning time.

Make use of a welcome mat

People constantly coming in and out of your home can really take its toll on your flooring — particularly carpet! — so get round this by investing in a deep pile bristle door mat, like this one from Coir Mats, to remove dirt and debris from shoes — so you won’t be rushing to get the Vanish when they’ve left! Not only do these mats make your house look lived in and inviting to visitors, but they will also help to preserve your hallways and general flooring for longer. If you’re looking to give your house a refresh sometime soon, trading in hallway carpet for laminate flooring will see much less staining and damage due to its naturally durable characteristics.

Cover up with throws and pillows

Having young kids or pets around furniture is always nerve-wracking, so why not take some of the pressure off and get some soft furnishings to use to your advantage. Designate a blanketed section of the sofa for the dog or lay down some oversized cushions for the kids to sit on — for those days you just can’t pull them away from the TV! If you’ve got wooden flooring, laying down an attractive large rug helps to combat the problem of staining or water damage to your floors, and reduces wear from all those footsteps.

Invest in furniture pads

Usually made of soft material like felt, these come in a range of sizes to stick underneath your heavy furniture to stop it scratching up the floor when pushed or pulled around. Particularly useful for kitchen chairs and tables, as well as bulky living room sofas, these will keep your floors looking pristine for longer. And with most, like these Direct Wood Flooring felt pads, being great value for money, you can re-invest when it’s time, without a worry of breaking the bank!

Get an extractor fan

Your bathrooms are very susceptible to moist air, so protecting your walls and ceilings against becoming damp and growing mould is key to maintaining the paintjob. Bathroom extractor fans help to draw up this air and offload it to the outside, beating the build-up that could occur. If the mould has already set in and your bathroom needs a clear-up, choosing gloss or semi-gloss paints or ones with anti-mould properties like this Ronseal 6 year protector paint, will help to keep the dreaded green at bay!

Upgrading your home has never been easier or more affordable: with many small changes capable of having a large impact, you can preserve the busy areas of your house for longer.

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