5 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Second Life without Remodelling

Our kitchens used to be the most utilitarian room in the house. They’ve increasingly become an extension or replacement for our dining room, a place we spend time with friends, family and guests. The hard part is updating and upgrading the space without spending a fortune, which is even more of a challenge considering that kitchens are often one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. Here are five easy ways to give your kitchen a second life without remodelling.

Put in a Chandelier

Chandeliers are an excellent way to upgrade the look of your kitchen without spending a lot. You can replace the existing light fixtures with a chandelier, so you probably won’t have to rewire the fixture. You can find a style and model that fits both the space you have and your overall aesthetic vision. For example, sites like lights.co.uk have a variety of styles available.

Their main product line includes modern updates of classic designs, energy efficient versions of antique chandeliers, modern chandeliers and designer chandeliers that are truly unique. They offer chandeliers starting as low as £42.90 to extravagant crystal basket chandeliers that will cost you in the tens of thousands. Most of their units allow you to use LED lights and they offer massive statement chandeliers as well as smaller more discreet ones if you’re looking for a more understated look.

You can use a chandelier to create a centre of attention in the kitchen as well as increase the light level in the room. The chandelier can act as an accent piece in the dining area or simply make the kitchen itself more upscale. The chandelier can be used to balance out other design elements of the space, such as having a chandelier that matches the colour scheme or design elements on the opposite wall. Note that you can use several chandeliers to create repetition and balance so that the entire space literally radiates a particular vibe. Or let the chandelier be the single elegant piece in a utilitarian space.


One of the simplest ways to change the look and feel of a room is to repaint it, and your kitchen is no exception. Changing the colour of the kitchen could give it a whole new atmosphere. You can even paint dated cupboards to change their look for a fraction of the cost of refinishing or replacing them. And it’s much faster than installing new cupboards and countertops too.

However, you have to be careful when repainting cupboards and cabinetry on your own. First of all, unless you enjoy looking at brush stroke marks, you’ll have to learn how to use a spray gun if you want to get professional results. You also have to make sure that you properly clean, degrease, sand and prime drawers and doors first before you do anything. No matter what grade of paint you use, it may start peeling or chipping within a few weeks if you don’t prepare the surface properly, so make sure that you don’t skip these steps.

Put in a New Backsplash

Whether your backsplash has dated tiles or consists of peeling wallpaper, you probably want to put in a new backsplash. Your options include classic white subway tile, marble, glass or some other material and colour combination. You may be able to install the mosaic yourself. It is cheaper and easier than replacing the floors, though you may want to select backsplash materials that would be easy to match if you do replace the floor later.

Replace the Hardware on the Cabinets

Replacing the hardware on the cabinets is a cheap, fast and surprisingly effective way to update the kitchen. This is especially true if the cabinet handles are dated or worn. As a side benefit, it is pretty easy for a do it yourselfer to do. You can choose from sleek modern handles to elegant but functional pieces. Brushed nickel hardware compliments your stainless-steel appliances. While you’re at it, consider replacing the tap to match the colour scheme of the kitchen. It doesn’t require plumbing adjustments in most cases.

Replace Your Appliances

Replacing your appliances can update your kitchen, especially if the appliances themselves are particularly old. Not only can it give your kitchen a fresh new look but switching to newer and more energy efficient appliances will save you money on electricity. Just make sure you coordinate the colour and style of the appliances so that they all match each other and the kitchen decor. You’ll typically pay less for delivery, installation, and removal if you have them all replaced at the same time.


While everyone’s kitchen and remodelling budgets are different, you should find several options on our list to dramatically improve your kitchen without investing too much time or money. Not only will these changes give your kitchen a second life but they could add to the value and appeal of your home as well.


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