5 Tips for Travelling with Older Parents

Travelling with your parents or grandparents as an adult is a rewarding experience that shouldn’t be missed out on, but what if they are a little less active than they used to be or have pre-existing health conditions that may become a potential problem during a trip? Well, that does make things complicated, but there are ways around it too, and we will discuss some of the measures that you can take to eliminate or at least minimise risks associated with taking one’s older parents or relatives along for a trip.

Book a Non-Stop Flight

Admittedly, direct flights are going to be more expensive than the ones that make stops before reaching the final destination, but when you have a senior with you who also has pre-existing health issues, it is best not to make the journey any longer than it absolutely needs to be. Even when that’s not an option, try to find a flight with the least number of stops and the shortest travel time.

Double Check on the Senior Discount

Depending on the flight you are boarding, the airline may or may not offer a discount to people over 65, but always double check on those ticket prices to be sure if there really is a discount because a lot of people have found that “senior discounts” could actually be absent, based on the time and destination. Therefore, do not sacrifice on the quality of the flight experience on account of a discount that may not even be there.

Get Your Parents Travel Insurance

It can be difficult to get travel insurance coverage for seniors, and particularly for people over seventy, Staysure has a useful policy when looking for over 70s travel insurance, there is no upper age limit on any of their policies, which seniors can take advantage of. They also cover a range of many different pre-existing health conditions, so your parents and you will be able to breathe easier, knowing that should an emergency situation occur, they will get treatment without anyone having to worry about the huge, international medical bills. When required, Staysure’s comprehensive policy also covers emergency evacuation (repatriation) costs up to £10 million, if there is a need to get back to the UK for better treatment options than the ones that are available in the current location. Just like most of Staysure’s other travel insurance policies, the over 70s policy also protects seniors against financial loss due to theft, loss of luggage and cash, legal disputes, trip cancellations, and shortening of trips.

Do Not Let Them Travel Alone

This is particularly true when your parents are quite old, have medical conditions, and are travelling to another country. Getting through customs and the language barrier can be quite an ordeal for them, which they should not have to go through at that age. If you have plans to travel with your parents, make sure you are actually with them while taking the flight. In fact, the same applies to travel once you have reached your destination as well. The language barrier and the unfamiliarity with local customs can sometimes be a little confusing, not to mention getting lost.

Take All the Meds They Need and Then Some

Even healthy seniors may have a few supplements they take on a daily basis, and if your parents are already suffering from chronic health conditions, here are a few things to do in advance.

  • Take them to the doctor for a check-up and get a list of all the meds they will need
  • Get more meds than you need, just in case some is lost and the local pharmacy in your destination doesn’t have them

While this should provide a general guideline towards how to handle trips with older parents safely, it always pays to plan the itinerary accordingly.

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