5 Tips for Making the School Run Easier

Take a look at these useful tips on how to make the school run easier for all involved. They’ll get you through the new term before some well-deserved holiday lie-ins…!

All parents know how stressful the morning run can be, so Jonathan Rolande, a Director of House Buy Fast a property buying company in Sussex gives us his top 5 tips to make sure you avoid potential morning madness.

Be Prepared

This is one of the most important points that can’t be stressed enough, simple but oh so effective. If you have your lunches made, school bags packed and uniforms folded all ready for the morning, everything can run a little more like clock-work. Even with your children dragging their feet, if everything is in place and ready to go you can focus on getting them moving rather than getting on with tasks that could have been sorted the night before. This doesn’t just go for preparing your kids, prepare yourself. Be up and ready before them having had your coffee and breakfast ready to shepherd them out the door.

Have Breakfast on the Table

This not only ties in with the prior point of being prepared but works as an incentive for slow rising children. Having their favourite breakfast ready to wake up to will help convince them to get out of bed. The smell of breakfast and threat of it getting cold or cereal going soggy will help to entice them to get a move on and slide out of bed and down the stairs to get the ball rolling.

Make a Routine and Stick to it

Having a routine that you and your children know and stick to will turn you into a well-oiled school run machine. Not only will you benefit from knowing what to do and when to do it in order to get there on time, but so will your kids. Children respond well to familiarity and routine gives them a sense of security, as well as helping to develop self-discipline and hopefully will always ensure they’re ready to go in plenty of time.

Keep Your Cool

All parents know that at times this one will seem near impossible, between your drowsy impatience and the stubborn reluctance of your non-cooperative children – it’s hard to keep yourself from reaching boiling point. But in the long run keeping a level-head whilst still being firm with your child will keep things running more smoothly and help refrain from tantrums escalating. You’re much more likely to forget things if you’re not level-headed. So stay calm to keep things on track and avoid melt-downs.

Reward Good Behaviour and Encourage Responsibility

Incentivising your children usually works much better than the threat of punishment. If you create a rewards system that will entice your little ones to be on their best behaviour, you will find that they will be more cooperative.  They will want to meet the goals of carrying out their tasks to get whatever goodies or privilege you’ve promised them. This may be a form of bribery but it gets results, making the school run into less of a challenge and more of a game they can win at encourages them to make things go smoothly.

If you find yourself always running late and that the school run is just too hectic and too far to travel, you can always look to move closer to your kids’ school to make it the easiest it can be.

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