5 Things You Need to Make a Home Bar or Wine Snug

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Every year, millions of bottles of wine are consumed in the United Kingdom and enjoying a bottle of wine or some craft beer at home has become one of the country’s most popular pastimes.

This has led to home bars and wine snugs becoming one of the most popular additions to a home, so the adults can relax with a drink in a comfortable atmosphere after the children have gone to bed. It also gives a home a great space to use for casual entertaining or a regular wine and cheese night.

Here is a quick guide to five things you need if you are going to make a space in your home to enjoy a drink and entertain some friends.

Make Some Space – You Won’t Need Much

A good home bar or wine snug can fit into a small space and can often be installed in a corner of a room or in a small alcove in a hallway; you can even fit one on a small landing in a stairwell.

You just need some space to sit down and relax, and a place for your favourite beverages to be kept close to hand.

Get Creative – The Right Accessories Will Make the Space for You

If you want a low-key drinking space at home, it is easy to hide your home bar away in cupboards and shelves, but the best home bars and wine snugs use accessories to give them some character.

Depending on your tastes, you may want to source a neon sign online or have an artistic friend design or paint a plaque or sign to define the space and give it a name.

Equip the Area – You Will Need a Few Things for a Good Home Bar

A little equipment will go a long way in a home bar or snug, it doesn’t take much financial investment to get started.

Keeping drinks cool will be your first task and you can get a wine fridge on sale to save yourself money to spend on stocking it up later. Wine and Barrels are wine storage specialists; they have a huge range of wine fridges that can fit into any kind of space, with lots of black Friday wine fridge offers to help you make savings.

Think About Entertainment – From Music to Books to Games

A home bar is nothing without some entertainment, especially when you have friends over. Make sure you have a few good books handy for relaxing with, and a stack of board games and a deck of cards. Add a Bluetooth speaker and you’ve given your home bar a jukebox!

Stock Up – The Best Bit!

Filling your new home bar and fridge with beverages is probably the best part of making a home bar or wine snug. You can get some of your favourite tipples ready to go at a moment’s notice, and maybe splash out on something more expensive for a special occasion, or for whenever the mood takes you.

Too much space in our home gets dominated by children’s toys and work. Make sure you find a space in your home to relax and have a drink after a long week.

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