5 Popular Fundraising Ideas for School

While school fundraising events are widely thought of as fun fixtures on the academic calendar, nowadays they are more important than ever as PTAs struggle against ever-dwindling budgets to fund new equipment and resources for use in the classroom. Here are five simple exciting ways to raise money in your school.


Discos are often limited to two yearly events in the school year – Christmas and end of year – but they are always hugely enjoyable, don’t take a lot of organisation, and offer many income streams for fundraising. Drinks and refreshments, games, raffles and glowsticks are great ways of increasing the funds raised. If your usual school DJ is willing to either reduce or waive their fee in the name of charity, you can bypass the biggest cost associated with a disco.


Concerts & Talent Shows

Shows in which pupils perform, again, tend to be reserved for special occasions such as Christmas, but they are another fantastic way of having fun together and raising money. With very low outgoings necessary to put on a talent show and refreshment stands and raffles offering extra income, they are enjoyable for both parents and children, and will be sure to make memories for everyone.


Bake Sales

An oldie but a goodie, bake sales are hard to get wrong. Families have fun preparing their contributions (and of course, eating them afterwards), and schools can have them set up, completed and cleared away again within an hour. They are the ultimate low-maintenance fundraiser idea.


Cards and Tea Towels

Yet another fundraising method that is traditionally only used at Christmas, printed greetings cards and tea towels adorned with children’s hand-drawn designs are among parents’ favourite mementos of their children’s school years. The added sentimental value of the gifts makes them a particularly effective fundraising scheme. Printing companies, such as IQ Cards, make the service quick, easy and affordable.



You don’t have to wait until Summer to fundraise with a fete. Everybody enjoys attending and organising them, and although they take a bit more preparation than other fundraisers, their variety opens up many income streams, from ice-cream vans and BBQs to games and raffles.


By Charlotte Baldwin, Operations Manager at IQ Cards:

IQ Cards are a fundraising company that provide schools and establishments with the necessary tools to fundraise via selling high-quality and unique gifts designed by pupils. As part of the established on-demand print and digital solutions provider The IQ Digital House, ensures that all requirements and products are produced to the highest standards, delivered on time and at great value prices. Several of the IQ cards team are mothers and PTA members themselves appreciating and understanding school protocols extremely well. They are an approved supplier for PTA UK. For more information please visit: http://www.iqcards.co.uk/

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