3D Bubble Writer Craft Book for Kids

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Reviewed by:  Piper, age 10

3D Bubble Writer_3D

What they say:  Create and learn how to take letters into another dimension by adding shadows and playing with shapes and perspective.  Take your skills to the next level with crazy craft projects that include letter garlands, bunting, pop-up alphabets and more…!!!  This is definitely one that will keep the kids busy!

What we say:  

Favourite Activity and Why:  My favourite activity was the shadow writing.  This is because it is clever and enjoyable.  As well it was quite simple but creative.  I also enjoyed making the people chains as they too were simple. The best thing about them was that you could make them unique.

3d bubble writer image 2

Least Favourite Activity and Why:  My least favourite activity was the perspective writing as it was very hard and not very creative.

Simplicity of Activities:  I loved the instructions because they were very easy to follow and the vocabulary was reasonably simple but there were a couple of activities where the instructions were a bit more complex.

Age Rating:  I think that the age rating of this book (6+) is a bit wrong as some of the vocabulary may be confusing.  I think it would be better as 9+.

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Recommendations:  I would definitely recommend this book to friends and family as it is very helpful and jam packed with hours of fun and creativity!

Ratings and Thoughts:  I would rate this book 10/10 as it is fun filled and creative – I will definitely say I enjoyed it thoroughly!


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