3 Great Driving Gifts for the Man in Your Life

We all know that life as a mum can be busy, even hectic, and that our first priority is always to our children, but that doesn’t mean we have to neglect the men in our lives. A birthday or anniversary is a great way to show them that they still hold a special place in your heart, but you’ll need a present that’s going to be truly appreciated and that doesn’t take too long to decide about. Whether it be for your partner, father or brother, if they enjoy driving, then one of these three driving gifts is sure to be a hit.

Driving Gloves

If you think driving gloves are old school, then think again, because they’re rapidly becoming the new cool. They keep hands warm even when driving away on a winter morning, and they help the driver to keep a grip on the wheel, so they’re great from a driving safety perspective too. Best of all, they can also look incredibly stylish, whether you go for a traditional brown leather pair or a contemporary driving glove in an exciting colour. A snug fit is best, so be sure to get the measurement across the palm of the wearer’s hand, and the length of their middle finger.

Bespoke Number Plate

Car number plates are a regulatory requirement, of course, but they can also be boring. The latest numbering system doesn’t create interesting combinations and the make-up of the plate itself can also be dull. It doesn’t have to be like that. Number 1 Plates provide replacement registration plates for cars and motorbikes that are customisable and can be tailored to match the style of the person they’re intended for. All their plates are road legal, and yet they can also be completely bespoke, thanks to the plate designer software on their website.

Whether this is going to be a replacement plate or a cherished number plate with a newly purchased number, it’s going to make any vehicle stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Track Day

We can’t all be Lewis Hamilton, but we can all experience the thrill of driving a super powered car around some of the best motor racing circuits in the United Kingdom. Track days are available at iconic tracks nationwide, including Formula One hosts such as Silverstone and Donington Park, and they’re the ultimate gift for people who love driving.

There’s always a wide variety of cars to select from, including classic models by the likes of Bentley and Ferrari, and participants can even drive in single seater sports cars reminiscent of those used in Formula One. It’s also possible to purchase a video of your laps, giving the driver a lasting reminder of a once in a lifetime activity.

High quality driving gloves, personalised number plates and track days are three gifts that are sure to be loved by the car mad man in your life. Of course, they also make a great gift for you to reward yourself with, and can transform your driving experience from the mundane to the magnificent.



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