28 week check up

So yesterday saw my 28 week check up – last bit to go, light at the end of the tunnel and all that!


Blood test done, heart beat heard and tummy measurement was on track so as much as I feel like a whale, baby is not large for this stage of my pregnancy (She says with a HUGE sigh of relief!) Now I have to start thinking about getting things out of there hiding places, finding what I have and if I need anything new. I really do feel like I have forgotten it all! I know I have white babygrows and cardigans, hats and blankets somewhere, but I just hope that they are safely tucked away in a nice loft and haven’t got wet or ruined! I know the buggy in the garage has gone black – I have pretended I haven’t noticed in the hope it will go away (yes I know!) So I will have to go buggy shopping again, and I have no idea where the car seat is!


I thought this time around I would be more prepared and more organised – but actually it is the opposite, because I know we have all the stuff somewhere I am just expecting it will magically appear in time and in first rate condition! I haven’t even thought about packing a bag for me yet and to be honest I can’t remember what I am supposed to have in there anyway, I know last time it was still in the car when Bethany was born and she was wrapped ina towel and given a hospital hat whilst John went and got everything.


You wouldn’t believe that I am a control freak when it comes to my normal everyday life would you! When it comes to pregnancy because I have in the grand scheme of things had it fairly simple and straight forward (aches and pains aside!) I have just kind of rolled with it! So 3 months to go and counting, you never know I might even get my daughter moved into a new room, a bag packed for me and baby and a carseat and moses basket found in the nick of time……. then again?

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