24 weeks and my next midwife appointment

So I thought I would keep you posted on the newest member of the Mojo team – Mills Junior 2. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow where I should get to hear the heartbeat, which is really exciting. From the 20 week scan my due date was moved forward a day which means I am officially at 24 weeks today!

So what has been happening? Well my waistline is expanding RAPIDLY! I don’t think the chocolates over the festive period have helped, but even so I feel like a whale! Getting comfy at night is a huge issue, no position seems comfy and even with careful V pillow positioning after what feels like 5 minutes I am tossing and turning again trying to get comfortable! My back aches I creak and crack and get pins and needles and I have had lots of colds etc this time round, but can I really complain compared to many who have had terrible pregnancies – no not really!

Last time my pregnancy was so perfect – every second felt different and new, I was literally glowing my skin, hair and nails were perfect, I had no sickness or heartburn I just felt like I was floating. This time, my skin is bad, I have had lots of aches and pains, I am so tired and definitely grumpier! I also have no patience – I feel really bad when I am snapping at my husband or worse still my daughter!

I was worried that I would feel sad that this would be my last pregnancy and I would morn being pregnant but I have to say currently I am pretty pleased this is the last one! As for the birth – again last time pretty text book, but even so this time I am dreading it, I guess I know what’s coming and even a good birth still kinda hurts!

I feel bad moaning after all getting pregnant first time at 36 and no morning sickness, heartburn etc, I mean how dare I complain, but it just feels so different this time, and I guess I worry that different is bad – after all what if the birth is terrible or this one doesn’t sleep (ARGH my worst nightmare!!!!!) Anyway all these difference leads me to think it is going to be a boy this time round. My guess is a boy around 8lb.

I’ll let you know how I get on at the midwife, but if you are pregnant too, I’d love to hear how you are getting on – especially if it’s a second time round – do you feel differently and how are your emotions? Sometimes it’s just nice to hear from other mums to know you are not alone and the differences between pregnancies is OK perhaps even “normal”?!?!



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