20 Week Scan

So today I went for my 20 week scan at the hospital, and I am pleased to report all is “average” which is about the only time in your childs life you are willing them to be average! The thigh measurement was slightly long so baby could have long legs, so I am guessing a basketball player would be a great profession if my hunch about it being a boy is right!


We didn’t find out the sex as we want it to be a surprise, although I have asked a lot of people and it seems a lot more commen for people to find out with the second baby what sex they are having – I guess for practical reasons, do you need to wash the clothes in the loft or start again?


So baby was camera shy and we couldn’t get a good picture for the “baby book” however it’s sister was the same and the image we have of her is a head and foot where she threw her legs over her head and refused to smile for the camera! Stubborness seems to be a trait that runs in the family and I can’t think which parent that comes from……


So back to the difficult job of finding a name for master or miss Mills. My husband is a teacher which makes name choosing a nightmare, every name reminds him of a child and getting him to agree with one I like is really difficult. Getting the balance of traditional name, nice name and something a little bit different to the top 10 names currently is a hard thing to do, so we shall keep thinking and if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!


I’ll keep you posted of any updates.

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