11th December Baby Boom

December is here! Not only are we in the festive season, but the baby-making one too. National Birth Records indicate that December is by far the most popular time to conceive. September 16 is the most popular birthday in the UK, making December 11 the most likely day to conceive!

‘The lead up to Christmas is becoming ever longer. It’s party season, we’re in a good mood and the drink is flowing. It’s easy to be forgetful in all the merriment,’ says We-Vibe’s relationship expert Jo Hemmings. ‘It’s not only a time of celebration, it’s also the month when we’re likely to forget to use our contraception! And the cold weather also means that your partner’s sperm quality is higher too.’

If you are trying for a baby, Christmas is a great opportunity to make the most of your time off together. Trying to conceive puts pressure and stress on couples, but remember to enjoy the experience. ‘It’s important to enjoy the simple pleasures of sex and not just save it for when you’re at your most fertile,’ says Jo. ‘Conceiving a baby should be a joyous affair, however long it takes. If you get stuck in the routine of only having sex on your fertile days, it can be difficult to see making love as anything more than a baby-making process.’

In addition to the pressure of conceiving, some people are often affected negatively by the lack of sunlight in the average day. Lovemaking can be a solution rather than an added stress. ‘Not only does having regular sex boost your immune system, it also releases oxytocin, the feel-good ‘love hormone,’” Jo says. ‘This makes us glow with pleasure and satisfaction.’

We also watch more TV in the winter, creating another opportunity to spice things up! ‘Watch a sexy movie together or dress up and role-play in some seductive kit. Many outfits include props like gloves, feather boas or corsets.  They always feel appropriate in the winter.’

Introducing a sexual enhancer is another way to mix it up. Sex toys are there to enhance both of your sex lives,’ Jo explains. “Couples vibrators like the We-Vibe are designed to please both of you and are non-intimidating.’

Longer evenings give you more time to enjoy each other. The We-Book of Delights details love games you can try, such as the one-hour challenge. This is is all about slowing down and building anticipation to increase intimacy with your partner and of course, increasing pleasure too! Remember, making a baby is not a race.

‘December is the ideal time to reconnect sexually with your partner – it’s what cosy winter nights were meant for!’ Jo concludes. ‘Get out those stockings and suspenders, which probably haven’t seen the light of day during the summer months.’

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